Final Exam Review: Summary

To prepare for the final exam, it is important that you review the learning objectives for each module; take note of important terms and concepts each module introduces. Ensure you can identify some of the main points for each assigned resource. Think about how big ideas and main arguments relate to each other. Remember that you will have access to your notes, eClass, and the site. This means your responses to the exam questions should go beyond basic summary and provide critical analysis and thoughtful arguments using evidence from lessons and assigned resources.

The “test yourself sections” at the end of most modules are helpful for testing your basic knowledge of the module, but acing each of the “test yourself quizzes” does not guarantee that you are prepared for the final. The exam will require you to discuss these concepts and ideas in much more depth. Also remember that you have to reference all materials you use in your response and that your responses need to draw on course materials.

Make sure you are familiar with the code of student behavior and understand what constitutes academic integrity. If you feel unclear about this, please consult the sources on this website.

In advance of the final exam, reflect on what the most important issues in the study of gender and social justice are for you. Why do these issues matter? How has your view changed or your understanding deepened by taking this course? Which big ideas and assigned resources from the course would help you make the case that these issues are important?

Most of all, remember that you have been preparing for this final exam throughout the entire term! You have been studying the modules, doing discussion posts, thinking about these ideas in your community service learning placements, and applying these ideas in your big idea challenges and presentations. So, it is important that in addition to reviewing some of the material, you also take time to eat, rest, and get out for a walk or some exercise!

If anything extenuating circumstances prevent you from completing the final exam, it is important that you contact Dr. Susanne Luhmann as soon as possible.

Feeling stressed? Let us help! Book an appointment with a member of the teaching team. See eClass for booking instructions.

To do:

  • Review the big ideas for each module
  • Review the learning goals for each module; make notes about important terms and concepts
  • Review any readings you’ve missed
  • Book an office hours appointment if you require support
  • Block off some time in your calendar for completing the exam
  • Stay calm, get some rest, and remember to drink water!

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