WGS 102

Welcome to WGS 102!

WGS 102 is a for-credit introductory course offered by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. To take the course for credit, you’ll need to be a student at the U of A and register in the class through the U of A online registration system, Bear Tracks. If you are not a U of A student, and you’d like to follow along with the course, you are welcome to treat WGS102.org as your informal classroom. Please note that only those students officially registered in the class will be able to submit assignments for assessment to members of the teaching team. 

Though most of the content of the courses lives here, on the WGS102.org webpage, activities, discussions, challenges, and assignments associated with the class and completed for credit will be managed through the University of Alberta’s eClass online learning system.