The Abortion Caravan, Rise Up! Feminist Digital Archive

First, you will use the Rise Up! Feminist Digital Archive to read about the Abortion Caravan, including their full list of demands here. Next, listen to this CBC Radio Documentary, The Women Are Coming by Karin Wells.

As you read:

  • Think about the distinction between reproductive rights and reproductive justice. Are reproductive rights a necessary precondition for reproductive justice?

j wallace skelton,
“The Manly Art of Pregnancy”

Throughout this module, we have discussed reproduction as a women’s issue. Often, we have used feminine pronouns to discuss pregnancy and reproduction. j wallace skelton’s “The Manly Art of Pregnancy” makes the case for using gender neutral pronouns to discuss pregnancy and parenting. j wallace skelton is a Ph.D. candidate at the Ontario Institute for Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto and collaborates with 2SLGBTQ children and children from 2SLGBTQ families to study trans and queer inclusive education.

As you read:

  • Reflect upon the gender language we use to describe pregnancy. How does it make you feel to imagine discussing pregnancy using gender-neutral language? Would it be difficult to change how you talk about pregnancy and nursing?
  • What does it mean to become “more of a man” or “more like an archetype of Man”? What kinds of ideas are typically associated with manhood? How does skelton challenge normative ideas of manhood?
  • Reflect upon how a reproductive justice framework may enable a trans-inclusive discussion of pregnancy.